Welcome to Sevilla Horse Tour (SHOT) the equestrian facilities near the beautiful and touristic city of Carmona, 23 km from Sevilla center town.

Our equestrian facility is equipped with the best type of arenas, “ebb and flow” system by Klaus Dammann, that provide the horses with the best conditions for their welfare.


  • 35000 m2 “Ebb and flow” sand arenas made by Klaus Dammann
  • Grass arena (140m x 80 m)
  • 100 Permanent stables
  • 650 Portable stables built under a big tent
  • 24 hours hours Veterinary Clinic
  • Big lorry parking, by the stable area with watering and electricity
  • Sand lungeing arenas (80m x 18m) by Klaus Dammann
  • Aseos, vestuarios y duchas con separación de hombres y mujeres
  • Big car parking
  • Vip Restaurant “La Sandunga” situated at the competitions area
  • Commercial Village
  • WIFI
  • Mapa Insalaciones HOTEL APART AND VILLAS


SHOT facilities with comfortable, modern, and are equipped with all the technical advances. In SHOT everything is at hand.
From the Restaurant La Sandunga you can follow the competitions of all the arenas.

Ready for the tournament!

35000 m2 Flujo y Reflujo

SEVILLA HORSE TOUR “SHOT” equipped with exclusive equestrian facilities available to everyone.

Managed by a diligent and experienced organizing staff that will make you feel at home.

Las instalaciones de SHOT con cómodas, modernas, y están dotadas de todos los avances técnicos. En SHOT todo está a mano. Desde el Restaurante La Sandunga se pueden seguir las competiciones de todas las pistas.

LOCATION – COMUNICATIÓN – CLIMATOLOGY, are the values to choose SHOT for this winter.

UBICATION Next to the A4 that communicates directly with Europe, through Madrid and the A1, for the trucks that transport the horses.

COMUNICACIÓN with the whole World from Seville Airport (10 minutes) with direct connection to all European cities. And with the High Speed Train in Seville (20 min), for riders and owners.

CLIMATOLOGIA mild climate in winter and autumn, with little rain and winds.

Another important attraction of SHOT is cthe historical and cultural content of the city of Carmona,as well as its proximity to important cities from the tourism aspect like Sevilla and Cordoba..


Magic and Unforgettable

SEVILLA HORSE TOUR, Finca La Jineta Carretera A-462, Km. 17,3 41410 Carmona (Sevilla) Coordenadas GPS : Lat: 37º 30’ - Long: - 5º 46’

The Winter and Autumn in Carmona (Seville) with sun and mild temperatures compared to the Winter of North and Central Europe, indicate the suitability of SHOT to hold big international equestrian events


(+34) 667769559 - 609000219 - showoffice@sevillahorsetour.com

Finca La Jineta
Carretera A-462. Km 17,2 41410 Carmona (Sevilla) Spain